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Jumping from white snow to red rocks
A short wander in the desert southwest

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've learned over the years that I can use quick trips to beautiful places as a way to recharge myself, to build memories that support me when I'm living my normal working life. And I've also learned that escaping to warmer and snow-free conditions during our New England winter is a good thing.

Just a few days of wandering in two beautiful Nevada parks in February made me quite happy...

Valley of Fire, Nevada

Table of Contents

Circling Red Rock Canyon Magic... Valley of Fire

Falling into place
Dreaming, exploring in my mind
Flying high
Exploring, wandering
A feast for the eyes
Photos: first glimpses
Photos: Calico Tanks
Photos: near Sandstone Quarry
Photos: to the left
Drop dead gorgeous
Photos: first red
Photos: heading to White Dome
Photos: Outward bound
One last circle
Photos: gray, still beautiful
Home again
A hint of things to come
Word play
A busy camera...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A busy camera...

...makes for a happy Denise!

I'll be adding a sampling of photos to this journal, but most of the photos from my trip live in my photo galleries.

You can view the photos splashed across your whole screen if you'd like - just click the slideshow button in the upper right of the photo gallery window. (If you're in the gallery slideshow, you can get control of your computer back again by moving the mouse and clicking "return to gallery" or by just clicking the Esc key.)

You can enter the galleries at Jumping from white snow to red rocks to choose from the two photo galleries for this trip. Or you can jump right into a specific gallery:Two absolutely beautiful parks...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Word play

Thoughts spill into words, words into a journal, and then into patterns, a jumble...

Image created from the words of this journal by

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A hint of things to come...

Home again, time-zone-challenged yet again...

You would think that switching time zones for just 3 days - ok, sort of 4 days - would not bother me, but it did. My flight home left late and arrived early, so it wasn't even a late night last night. But somehow, I didn't set my alarm and my body clock didn't wake me until 9 AM. Yikes!

It's been a quiet, "wander through my photos" kind of day. I'm not quite ready to load my photo galleries, but perhaps a taste of what's to come would be good.

You want to know where this is? This photo was taken on the road leading out of Valley of Fire State Park, after I had returned from rolling to flat land. There was still sun above my head, but the clouds ahead signaled some serious rain.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photos: gray, still beautiful

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

One last quick circle

Pale colors painted the sky this morning. The sun was rising through the clouds, the ground dry from overnight rain. Given the forecast of rain today, a cloudy but dry start to the day was a real gift.

A good chunk of the morning was mine to play.

Knowing that I was time-limited, I chose to do an out-and-back hike starting from the second Calico Junction parking area. The light was so different that I had to make a photo stop before my walking stop. But that's not unexpected, is it? Red rocks, white rocks, against a shaded gray background, no blue today... Looking across the valley, I could see the clouds hidng the top of the peaks, floating, moving up, flowing down.

Walking, looking, absorbing the beauty of the rocks... I headed down the trail from Calico Junction toward the parking area for Sandstone Quarry. It was an all-trail day today, no climbing on the red rocks. Out, back, and then of course I had some more standing and looking time. By the time I returned to the car, water droplets started decorating the ground. The rain was very light to start with, quickly gaining in intensity. My timing today, though pure luck, was excellent!

I had hoped to take another short wander a little further down the road, but the soaking rain stopped my feet. I did pop out of the car several more times to try to capture some wet images, but that was the end of my walking for this trip.

I'm left with the very strong feeling that I will be visiting both Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire again. This trip was clearly a walking adventure. The next trip? I may be inclined to find a place to sit with camera and tripod, waiting to capture the changing light.